Roger Salloom feat. Charles Neville and Jessica Freeman

Friday June 28, 2013 @ 9:00 PM

These three performers present a most unpredictable mixture of brilliant, beguiling music.

About Roger Salloom: Imagine Jack Kerouac, John Belushi, Lord Buckley, Lenny Bruce, The Diggers, and throw in Leadbelly, Jimmy Reed, Lonnie Johnson, Geoff Muldaur, Dan Penn...all rolled into one person, and you have a glimpse of this spirited poet, singer-songwriter. Salloom performed many times on bills with The Band, Steve Forbert, Doc Watson, John Prine, to name a few. On the Grammy Ballot in 13 categories in the last 5 years.

“Superb” - Rolling Stone Magazine

“...The writing talent of Dylan or Guthrie... musical genius...hilarious and tragic, kindhearted and careless, all the complexities of a real human being.” - IMDb

“…the most seductive singer ever to seduce these jaded ears. He’ll massage your worries into next week.” - John M. Lomax,II

“There are countless famous story tellers in American history. If Salloom keeps this up, he'll easily find himself among them.”

Salloom always speaks from his heart. He has a self-deprecating, humorous, everyman quality, mixed with a powerful sensitivity and depth of character." David Brule-The Montague Reporter."

About Charles Neville. ..Charles is American Musical Royalty, He has performed with James Brown, BB King, Big Joe Turner, Jimmy Reed, Little Richard and, of course, The Neville Bros. He has won a Grammy Award.

Jessica Freeman is a 29 year old genius singer, gifted, and charming.


$20, $30