The Kortchmar McDonald Band w/ special guest Alectro

Saturday May 23, 2015 @ 8:00 PM

Sometimes credited as "Danny Kootch," or "Dan Kootch," or "Kootch" (following his teenage nickname), Dan Kortchmar met James Taylor in the early '60s on Martha’s Vineyard, and the two began to play folk gigs locally… More recently, in Spring 2010, Danny toured with his old and dear friends James Taylor and Carole King, with the original band-- Danny, Russ Kunkel, and Lee Sklar. He is recording his version of many of his songs that were recorded by JT, Don Henley, Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Jackson Browne, as well as newer originals.

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Tim McDonald started gigging professionally at 13 years-old, and played extensively throughout New England as a teenager. After high school, Tim moved to San Francisco where he was the singer and lead guitarist for the Charles Biscuit Band, one of San Francisco's biggest bands of the seventies. Then, it was on to LA, where he became a studio player/singer for live performance, TV and film. He now lives in CT, where he is part of the Kortchmar McDonald Band, as well as a busy local musician playing solo, band, and studio dates in the community.


A new project, new music ALECTRO. Who/what is ALECTRO? Jeff Eyrich and Steve Kirkman, musical pardners and soul brothers (in the soulful sense) are ALECTRO. Jeff and Steve are music vets, musician-producers, session men and fellow sidemen on lots of other people’s gigs. Both share a passion for surf guitars, the spaghetti-western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, Duane Eddy twang, old noisy amplifiers, tube distortion, weird-sounding strange looking guitars, off-brand EFX pedals, antique rhythm boxes, echo-plexes, all influences evident, and tools used in the music that they make. After a few gigs and lots of sheddin’ out at the Octagon, Jeff and Steve got intense about recording Alectro over the past year. The music flowed and School Of Desire is the result - a set of songs and music the duo wrote, composed, arranged, performs and sings.




$20, $30