The Kortchmar McDonald Band

Saturday August 30, 2014 @ 8:00 PM

Sometimes credited as Danny Kootch or Dan Kootch or Dan Kortchmar or Kootch (following his teenage nickname), in the early sixties he met James Taylor on Martha’s Vineyard and they began to play folk gigs locally…. But there's more but the most recent news is that Danny will be touring with his old and dear friends James Taylor and Carole King starting in spring 2010, with the original band-Danny, Russ Kunkel and Lee Sklar. He is recording his version of many of his songs recorded by JT, Don Henley, Fabulous Thunderbirds and Jackson Browne as well as newer originals.

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Tim McDonald started gigging professionally at 13 years old, and played extensively throughout New England as a teenager. After high school, Tim moved to San Francisco where he was the singer/lead guitarist for the Charles Biscuit Band, one of San Francisco's biggest bands of the seventies. Then, it was on to LA, where he became a studio player/singer for live performance, TV and film. He now lives in CT, where he is part of the Kortchmar-McDonald band, as well as a busy local musician playing solo, band, and studio dates in the community.




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