Kinky Friedman's Circus of Life Tour

Thursday July 12, 2018 @ 8:00 PM

The stogie-waving, black-hat-wearing, Texas singer of iconic hits like "Sold American" and "Ride 'Em Jewboy," storyteller, satirist, tequila purveyor, animal rescuer, part-time politician, and full-time iconoclast, KINKY FRIEDMAN, returns to the Bridge Street stage for a stop on his CIRCUS OF LIFE TOUR Thursday, July 12th at 8 pm!

At long last, Kinky Friedman’s second musical act begins. With the proclamation that it “is what music was, before it came homogenized, trivialized and sanitized,” Kinky is dropping his first all-new CD of original tunes in four decades. Called "Circus Of Life," the album presents a side of Kinky that few would have suspected in the halcyon days of the Texas Jewboys, laying perhaps legit claim to the title, “The Leonard Cohen of Texas.”

Harking to his early years, Kinky has chosen to ignore the Nashville ethos that all must be “radio friendly,” sweetened, and over-produced. What he and producer Brian Molnar have delivered is simply one of the most beautiful albums of this year, or any other. The first single, "Autographs In The Rain (Song To Willie)," is already in heavy rotation on SiriusXM Outlaw Country, and there are at least four more top-shelf A-sides.

It started with a call from Willie (Nelson, of course), who asked Kinky what he was doing at that moment. Kinky answered truthfully that he was watching Matlock, the old TV chestnut, to which Willie replied, “That is a sure sign of depression, Kinky. Turn Matlock off and start writing.” Kinky did just that and started writing the songs he hadn’t written or even contemplated for decades, tunes like "Jesus In Pajamas," "Me And My Guitar," and "A Dog Named Freedom." After writing several songs, Kinky called Willie to let him know how successful his advice had been. When Kinky asked Willie how he was doing, Willie replied, “A little up, a little down. By the way Kinky, what channel is Matlock on?” The Circus Of Life, by way of Matlock. Via Willie.

With Joe Cirotti on multiple instruments, and Mickey Raphael, Augie Meyers, Original Jewboy Little Jewford, Clay Meyers and Jim Beal providing amazing grace notes, not a single track on the album fails to reach its very high mark. Kinky may “just have to stick with songwriting” after all. To verify this, he’s taking it on the road, for one of the longest, most comprehensive tours of his storied career. After flash mob-style appearances in Galveston, Houston and Nacogdoches, TX, the Circus Of Life Tour begins in earnest in Pittsburgh, and rumor has it that it will continue on forever. Yes, the second act has begun. May it never end!

Tickets to see Kinky Friedman's Circus of Life Tour are $25 for General Admission and $35 for VIP Reserved (+ fees).


$25, $35