Saturday June 15, 2013 @ 9:00 PM

Halifax-based Gypsophilia is a group of seven young performers whose instrumental music straddles the jazz and indie worlds. The band started in 2004 as a Django Reinhardt tribute, but soon found itself mixing gypsy jazz with klezmer, funk, classical music, and indie rock, composing original music, and selling out shows all over the US and Canada.

Gypsophilia’s raucous mash-up of original sounds is in full force on their third album Constellation (Forward, 2011), which was recorded at Montreal's legendary hotel2tango studio with producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre, Stars). Constellation is the band’s most polished and inspired effort yet and features 11 original songs bursting with energy from the live-to-tape sessions.

In recent years the band has become a formidable touring outfit, regularly crisscrossing the continent. Their killer live shows have made them an audience favourite at major festivals and small clubs alike. With their serious musicianship, humour and showmanship they are capable of enchanting a sit-down crowd one moment, and whipping people into a dancing, clapping, singing frenzy the next.


$14, $24